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This site contains the most complete listing of North Bay, Wine Country, and North Coast theaters. Feel free to comment if you approve or would change what's noted on any of the pages.

The site owner is not affiliated with any theater or studio, does not have inside information or passes, and has no influence over what's showing anywhere except in his own home. 

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I used to provide a site for ancient phones that used WAP formatting, but that site has passed its useful life and is now retired.

The wireless site is updated nearly every day (like this primary site).  It's been tested using Google's® excellent tools, and any device with a web browser should work (check your device's help if you're not sure).

The format is significantly different.  To conserve your data usage, I don't include many graphics or links to external sites.  The site lets you navigate using cities, theaters or films.  Every theater's schedule is available with details by theater and film.  At this time I don't plan to include film festivals or special events.

If you find something that's not working right, please shoot me a comment describing the problem and the model of your phone.  I'll try to duplicate it using a corresponding test tool.

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