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13 have movies some or every day. Several more plan to open in the next few weeks.
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  Theaters     Schedule is valid from   May 15   through   May 20   unless otherwise noted.
It was last updated May 14  
Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center     (415) 454-1222
1118 4th St., San Rafael
Bear-Like   Not Rated    IMDb link
  Saturday   4:30, 7:30  
Limbo   Rated R    IMDb link
  Saturday - Sunday   1:15, 4:00, 6:45  
Minari   Rated PG-13    IMDb link
  thru Sunday   4:15  
My Octopus Teacher   Rated G   
  Saturday - Sunday   2:00  
Nomadland   Rated R    IMDb link
  Saturday - Sunday   1:00, 7:15  
Summer of Soul   Rated PG-13    IMDb link
  Thursday   4:00, 7:30  
There Is A Place On Earth   Not Rated   
  Sunday   4:45, 7:30  
Streaming during SIP   Not Rated   
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