We've permanently lost 4 lost 3 theaters so far.
13 have movies some or every day. Several more plan to open in the next few weeks.
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  Cities     Schedule is valid from   April 21   through   April 29   unless otherwise noted.
It was last updated April 20  
Century Larkspur Landing     (415) 461-4849
500 Larkspur Landing Cir., Larkspur
  until further notice      

Lark Theater     (415) 924-5111
549 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur
Bargain Matinee
Risky Business (1983)   Rated R    IMDb link
  Thursday   8:15   Drive-InLark Drive-In
City Slickers (1991)   Rated PG-13    IMDb link
  Friday   8:15   Drive-InLark Drive-In
Mary Poppins (1964)   Rated PG    Academy Award® winner    IMDb link
  Saturday   8:15   Drive-InLark Drive-In
Paper Moon (1973)   Rated PG    IMDb link
  Thursday, April 29   8:20   Drive-InLark Drive-In
The Muppets   Rated PG    Academy Award® winner    IMDb link
  Friday, April 30   8:20   Drive-InLark Drive-In
Grease (1978)   Rated PG    IMDb link
  Saturday, May 1   8:20   Drive-InLark Drive-In
Streaming during SIP   Not Rated   
  See theater's site       Lark Streams Web Page
  until further notice       Drive-InLark Drive-In